AMIA Ifthar 2016

By | May 31, 2016
Alhamdu Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen,
Again Allah Azzawajal is blessing us with another Ramadan – “Alladhee Unzila feehil Quran..” The Month of Quran, the month of fasting, the month in which Islamic History took its mighty turn to rule over the world “with Battle Of Badr” Subhanallah..
There are no words to express our gratitude to our “The most Merciful Master” for bestowing upon us with this wonderful month. The book which is the guidance to mankind and its Author Allah SWT Himself made it Al Furqan – the Criterion. Therefore brothers & sisters, let’s make the best out of this very precious gift, by using every moment we get. May Allah take all of us into this Ramadan and shower His endless blessings upon us all.
AMIA NSW wishes you the very best on this auspicious occasion to welcome this Ramadan with atmost piety and Taqwa. Please find attached the AMIA NSW Iftar Program 2016 Invitation Letter and the programs.
We sincerely thank everyone for the kind support you all provided us in all our efforts to serve the Deen of Allah, which is for ourselves & our community ultimately. We thank Allah Azzawajal for His endless blessings to keep us going forward through all these years.
AMIA NSW Iftar 2016 Family Invitation
Alhamdu Lillah, With lots of Duas